Just How To Select Cone Crusher Liners

The feature of the liner of the cone crusher is to protect the cyndrical tube body, in order that the cyndrical tube physical body is certainly not straight impacted and See Our Website put on due to the grinding body as well as the component. It can likewise utilize its own different operating areas to adjust the functioning condition of the grinding body to enrich the grinding time. The pulverizing result of the component strengthens the grinding productivity, improves the outcome, and also lowers the loss of the tool as well as the liner.

Conoid crusher liner replacement

When the liner of the conoid crusher is actually certainly not used to the magnitude that it requires to be substituted, the tooth platter could be turned around, or even the uppermost as well as reduced components may be shifted. When the density of the liner of the cone crusher reaches 65% to 80%, or even the partial wear and tear is actually deformed and broken, it ought to be actually substituted. After installing the linings, inspect whether their facilities are right. If the facility is wrong, accidents will certainly happen during rotation, and the fragment measurements of the product will be actually irregular, which are going to result in malfunctions like home heating of the friction components in the equipment.

The liner of the cone crusher made use of to use high manganese steel and also changed high manganese steel, carbon blend steel and chromium cast iron. Currently in order to enhance the life span of the lining, Hysan commonly makes use of manganese steel with a manganese web content of greater than 13%. Under a tough effect tons, it forms solidifying as well as wear-resistant toughness on its own surface area.

Conoid crusher liner-installation approach

( 1) Place dry ice into the interior hole of the bushing to become set up to decrease the cold diameter of the bushing. A percentage of filler can be added to the bushing to make the dry ice fully contact the bushing.

( 2) After filling up the dry ice, wrap the bushing and the dry ice inside with canvas to prevent frosting on the outer surface area of the bushing.

( 3) The cooling opportunity is pair of hrs. The technique of evaluating the size of the bushing may be utilized to determine whether it has been adequately cooled.

( 4) If it is actually found out that the bushing is actually sufficiently cooled down, it should be rapidly installed right into the inner opening of the frame. After being actually put up in location, the upper surface of the structure bushing must be flush with the top surface area of the inner hole of the structure. If there are troubles in the assembly procedure, a wood hammer may be used to hammer the higher area of the bushing slowly and also equally until the whole bushing resides in place.

( 5) After the lining is in area, molten zinc blend filler is usually utilized to take care of the liner.

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