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Meditech EHR

You must be a qualified medical practitioner to understand that without an efficient EMR system, it is difficult for your practice to succeed. The best medical procedures are tailored to the needs of each organization. Meditech EMR software is an important piece of medical software. To help you decide if Meditech EHR Software is right for you, we present a detailed evaluation.

Meditech EMR was founded in 1969 and is a leader in the industry. Its mission is to make medical professionals’ lives easier. The comprehensive solution portfolio includes interoperability and telehealth, patient engagement, revenue cycle management, population health, population health, interoperability, and telehealth. These services are available for doctors and nurses in a variety of medical specialties such as ambulatory, oncology, behavioral, and oncology. Cloud-based access also eliminates the need for expensive hardware.

Meditech EHR Features

Virtual Assistant

The Expanse virtual assistant from Meditech, which is completely digital and eliminates the need to have one, is revolutionary. This technique allows you to use your voice for any information you require. Expanse uses the same artificial intelligence technology as cell phones. It functions in the same way as virtual assistants on our mobile devices.

Without ever touching your screen, you can ask for the patient’s vitals and most recent blood pressure readings. This tool is useful because Covid-19 bacteria can survive on surfaces for many days. In such situations, Expanse serves as a virtual assistant.

Consent Form for Patients

Because they require consent, health forms are essential. They inform the patient about your plans, gather information about their condition, and obtain consent. The Meditech EHR software allows patients to digitally access consent forms. They can then read and sign them at their convenience.

This technology allows patients to sign and examine their documents prior to their visit. It saves time and helps you save time. This feature will be a huge time saver for both you and your patient.

Patient Engagement

Meditech’s MHealth app can be used by patients on mobile devices to monitor their health. Patients can also use the software to access their medical records from their smartphone. To reduce wait time, you can sign consent or check-in paperwork prior to appointments.

Patients can choose who has access their medical information from their circle of friends or family. They can schedule virtual and physical appointments, get alerts when new records become available, check their bills and pay them online. They can also connect their fitness trackers with the portal to monitor their health.

Patient Portal

Meditech EHR software also includes a patient portal, which allows you to communicate with patients. The patient portal allows patients to view their medical records, make appointments and view lab results. This feature can also be used to pay their bills.

Patients can also receive reminders from the patient portal before every session. This reduces no-shows and increases revenue for your clinic. Patients can also access educational and treatment resources to help them manage their own health.

Remote Accessibility

This powerful EMR software can be accessed from anywhere and anytime because it is stored in the cloud. Meditech is also housed in the Google cloud. This has proven to be more cost-effective and inventive than other EMR software.

Access to the EMR system can be made possible by any internet-connected device, including a laptop, smartphone, tablet or smartwatch. The cloud-based server also allows you to offer virtual consultations to your patients.

Customizable Templates

Meditech EHR software allows you to choose your template from a variety of options. This helps you to select the right template for you. Templates can be modified and edited to meet your specific needs. The use of templates is a great way to optimize your documentation process. The Meditech EHR demo allows you to view the template library.


Many medical clinics suffered financial losses and lost patients due to the Covid-19 epidemic and subsequent lockdown. However, some medical practices may continue to use Meditech’s Telehealth feature that allows for virtual video conferencing.

Telehealth allows you to book appointments digitally and your patients can access them from their homes. Telehealth can be used as a substitute for in-person consultations. You can view it during the Meditech EHR demo.

Meditech EHR Pricing

The company does not provide pricing information for Meditech EHR Software. To get a quote, you can contact the seller via the website. Cost of an EHR system is determined by a variety of factors, such as specialty-specific features and how many physicians are involved in the setup.

Meditech EHR Demo

Meditech EHR software offers a free trial that you can also use. You can browse Meditech EHR features and decide if they meet your needs. Meditech EHR reviews say that the demo can influence your final decision because it allows you to explore the software and dig deeper than reading about it.

Meditech EHR Reviews


  • It is intuitive and visually appealing. Consumers find it easy to show their employees how the system works.
  • The software is adaptable to multiple devices and doesn’t slow down.
  • EHR Software makes it easy to take notes and allows practitioners to retrieve them in just a few clicks


  • Only a handful of customizable options are available. Some users have to rely on templates that are generic for their specialties.
  • The cost of Medical software can be prohibitive for small businesses and solo practitioners.

Concluding Thoughts

Meditech EHR Software is a great investment in your medical practice if it meets your requirements. We are unable to answer this question as we do not have access to your details. You should make a list of all your requirements before you start the Meditech EHR demo. Then you can review the software during the demo to see if it meets your requirements.

We recommend that you review Meditech EHR on multiple websites in order to better understand the program and make informed decisions about your healthcare system.

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