Stevia Plant Online- Get It Delivered To Your Home

Stevia Plant Online

People have been a huge fan of ferns, herbs, and shrubs for ages. And now these are easily available on the internet. Stevia is one of the most hyped plants that people wish to add up to their garden or field as it has high market value and health benefits.  you can now buy stevia plant online.

About stevia

Stevia is a shrub that is commonly grown in Argentina, Peru, and Brazil. However, online nurseries have made it simple for people to get these plants delivered to their door. Stevia has a variety of applications, including heartburn, high blood pressure, and diabetes. Stevia excerpts are also used as sugar substitutes in many countries.  Stevia is not widely available, making it difficult and time-consuming for people to incorporate it into their gardens. People who enjoy collecting plants as a hobby will appreciate online nurseries.

Specifications of the plant

The plant is a member of the Rubiaceae family. It requires sunlight and can grow up to 1-1.5 feet tall. The soil must be well-drained. The seeds are packaged in a PP bag. The plant can grow to a height of 24 to 36 inches. It is most commonly grown for agricultural and commercial purposes.

The requirements of the plant

  •  Soil: To thrive, stevia tends to prefer sandy-loamy soil with proper drainage.
  •  Sunlight: They thrive in full sun or partial shade. 
  •  Temperature: The plant prefers a pleasant temperature and can survive at temperatures as low as 25 degrees Celsius. These blooms are best from June to frost.
  •  Water: It’s a good idea to keep the soil moderately moist to keep them thriving.

Where you can buy it?

Rather than searching for locations, you can now browse various websites and have a stevia plant delivered to your home within 2-3 days.

  • Shopping websites: Many ethical websites, such as Flipkart, Amazon, and India Mart, sell stevia plants online. They provide a complete guide from plantation to plant care. You can select a price from a list and place an order based on your needs and budget. The prices start at 200 and go up from there.
  • Online nurseries: There are now a plethora of online nurseries that sell stevia. They guarantee that the plant will be delivered within three hours and charge no fee. Whereas some nurseries may charge a delivery fee and the time frame may range from a week to ten days. They let you buy stevia plants onlinegiving you a wide variety of choices.

Organic stevia and natural flavors

Pure organic stevia, stevia in natural flavors, one thing to note about natural flavorings is that they frequently use GMO ingredients. So, if it’s a natural flavoring, make sure it’s non-GMO, but for the most part, if you can. It would be ideal if you could find green stevia. It does not turn into this white powder, which is bleached with certain chemicals. Of course, if it’s less than a half gram, they don’t have to put those chemicals on the label, but they do use chemicals to process Stevia to get rid of that aftertaste. And it will elicit a response from some people. But keep in mind that even if you do react to it, chances are you won’t react to the actual stevia plant if you grow it or buy it in the form of a green powder.

It’s thought to be good in liquid form in certain types of carbonated beverages. Others enjoy baking with it.

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