DocuTap EMR Software: Top Medical Software Choice in 2023

DocuTAP EMR Software is a web-based integrated EMR and practice management (PM) system. It has been in business for two decades, and was recently acquired by Experity. It is known for its ease of use, its ability to accommodate multiple staff members working on the same note, and its ability to streamline care coordination.


Easy-to-use DocuTAP EMR software can help you manage your practice more efficiently. Its coding and billing functionalities help you collect patient payments more efficiently, and it helps you chart cases quickly. DocuTAP also offers business intelligence and analytics, which can help you optimize staffing and identify outliers. Its dashboards allow you to monitor the health of your practice and quickly see where improvements can be made.

DocuTAP EMR is fully HIPAA-compliant and Meaningful Use certified. This means that it meets the standards in every state. It also provides you with a full suite of advanced features, including business intelligence, analytics, billing functionality, and clinical staffing analysis. It also offers the ability to manage your patients’ health insurance plans. The software also comes with a live chat support feature, which allows you to talk with your patients immediately in case of a question.

Simple layout

DocuTAP is a software for EMRs that is easy to use and provides a color-coded scheduling module. It allows users to easily manage staff schedules and patient appointments. It also offers features that help users verify insurance eligibility, including receiving copay payment information at check-in. The software also lets patients access their medical history and pay their bills online. It has a 98% user retention rate and is used by 40% of urgent care clinics. Its automatic E/M coding and billing capabilities make it a great option for urgent care clinics.

DocuTAP focuses on improving the patient experience by streamlining the documentation process. This software allows users to focus on patient care and reduce patient wait times. It also features customizable templates for different types of care. Moreover, users can lock the templates for a particular type of care.


DocuTap EMR is a cloud-based electronic medical record (EMR) system for urgent care centers. It is ONC-ATCB-certified and features patient portals, analytics, and lab integration. Since it is cloud-based, DocuTap EMR is compatible with hospitals and other health care facilities without additional software.

DocuTAP EMR offers customizable features, which makes it suitable for many types of medical practices. For example, the DocuTAP EMR software includes features for pediatric and occupational health specialty clinics. It is an ONC-ATCB-certified system that integrates with labs, provides online patient portal, and is highly customizable.

Lab integration

The DocuTap EMR is a cloud-based electronic medical record (EMR) software for urgent care centers and other medical offices. It offers features like patient portals and lab integration. It also includes analytics and is ONC-ATCB-authorized. Moreover, since it is a cloud-based product, it can be used without any other software.

The DocuTAP EMR software has been developed to be patient-friendly. The company aims to improve the patient experience by reducing the time between checkups. It also offers a user-friendly workflow and enables multiple staff members to work on a single note. It also enables better workflow management by reducing time spent on manual data entry.

Patient portal

A patient portal allows you to provide your patients with important health information without the hassle of visiting a physical office. All you need is a computer and an internet connection. Once logged in, your patients can find health information about their condition and make appointments. You can also track their progress and monitor their compliance. You can also upload documents or practice forms to your patient portal.

DocuTAP EMR software offers numerous features that will help you run a more efficient medical practice. It includes a scheduling queue, online patient check-in, real-time insurance verification, and easy-to-read customer receipts. Other features include an online patient portal and a reporting tool. The platform even includes a specialist advisor who can help you manage your practice’s financials.

Let’s take a look at another software:

Cocentrix EMR Software Review

Cocentrix EMR software is a cloud-based software that allows you to access patient data from anywhere. This makes it easy to manage patient records on the go. It also offers many features, such as mobile applications, billing capabilities, and patient engagement tools. In addition, it is free and open-source, meaning you can customize it to meet your practice’s unique needs.

Its user-friendly features allow any physician or practice to use it. The program is also highly customizable and can work on either on-premise or cloud-based systems. It allows doctors to create customized charting for each patient and also includes voice dictation. Other features of the software include the ability to create lab results, prescriptions, and appointment scheduling.

Cocentrix EMR software is affordable for medical practices of all sizes and makes it easy to share patient records. It is ONC-ATCB certified and allows for easy collaboration across health networks. It also offers a practice management platform that integrates EHR software with Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Cocentrix offers a cloud-based version and on-premise version of their EMR software. Both versions are fully ICD-10-compliant and include a variety of tools to help doctors and their staff manage patient care. Users also have access to their records from anywhere with CoCENTRIX’s mobile apps.

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