Tucson’s Top 5 Attractions you will Absolutely Love 520


Tucson, about an hour from Mexico, is where you can experience the cultural change between Mexico and the United States. Consider churches, arid terrains, and a warm climate amid Old West relics. To help you organise your itinerary, here are the finest things to do in Tucson, AZ.

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  1. Sonora Desert Museum

The 98-acre Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum combines a zoo, natural history museum, botanical garden, and art gallery, with the majority of the attractions located outside. The Arizona-Sonora Museum offers an excellent introduction to Tucson’s natural environment. It is one of Tucson’s most popular attractions, with over 400,000 visitors. It is at the top of the finest museums on TripAdvisor. Pet stingrays and meet fauna native to the area. If art classes are of interest to you, they also provide them.

  1. Sabino Canyon

Extend your outdoor experience by visiting a canyon outside of the walls of a museum. The area, which is mountains and desert plants and animals, attracts millions of people each year. Despite the natural landscape of the canyon, the slopes and gorges are accessible. There are waterfalls and a creek minutes from the desert area that are also accessible, so don’t miss these sights. With nine stations along the way, a tram service will take you to the tourist centre and via the trails.

  1. Saguaro National Park

The Tucson Mountain District to the west and the Rincon Mountain District to the east make up the 92,000-acre Saguaro National Park. At Saguaro, there are eight routes to enjoy: five to the east and three to the west, each with its own geological beauty and angle of panoramic views. Expect to see a lot of gigantic tree-like saguaro cacti around the area. After all, the place is Saguaro. 

  1. Pima Air & Space Museum

The Pima Air & Space Museum, located in Tucson, is one of the world’s largest non-government aerospace museums. The museum, which spans 80 acres, houses approximately 400 antique planes. Curious about the role of the United States in the history of aviation and aerospace exploration? Make the most of your stay by scheduling a tour. If you wish to explore the vast museum on your own, get a map of the museum and prepare to walk a lot.

  1. Reid Park Zoo

Gene Reid founded Reid Zoo in 1965 with only pheasants, peafowl, and guinea fowl. Tucson City Council authorised the zoo’s first budget of $49,000 in 1967, and the rest is history. You may now tour Australia, Africa, Asia, and America’s natural ecosystems and wildlife all in one spot! The Reid Park Zoo has 500 species spread out over 24 acres. That means you won’t have to spend the entire day exhausting yourself looking for animals lurking in sheds. The animals are also active, cheerful, and well cared for by the inhabitants.

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