Ultimate Guidelines for Hiring Quality Packers and Movers During House Shifting

Ultimate Guidelines for Hiring Quality Packers and Movers During House Shifting

Are you planning to shift your house from one place to another? Are you feeling lost because you are not sure how to go about it? Are you thinking about hiring a moving company but don’t know how to initiate the process? Well, we got you the ultimate guidelines for hiring quality packers and movers during house shifting.

House shifting is a painstaking undertaking irrespective of the fact that is local or intercity. It is likewise stressful whether you are moving alone or with your family. However, it is a common phenomenon these days to shift your home from one city to another. Be it for better employment opportunities or to get an enhanced lifestyle, we shift out of our comfort zone to commence a tougher yet better way of life.

Why should you hire packers and movers during house shifting?

It is completely up to you whether you want to hire packers and movers for house shifting or do it all by yourself. If you have a budget constraint, you will want to go for DIY moving. Again, if you want to book a moving company in the peak season on short notice, you are most likely not going to get them available for your services.

Nevertheless, if you are going to hire a professional team of packers and movers Hyderabad to Pune, you will be able to leave all the back-breaking work to the experts. Your goods will be delivered on time in an efficient way and you will be able to get insurance coverage for the goods on the move. Their proficient approach will help you stay stress-free on the day of the move. Moreover, you do not have to depend on your indecisive friends and relatives and their availability to help you in the moving process. Hence, hiring packers and movers for your move is the definite way to carry out a house shifting with pace and precision.

But how do you hire quality packers and movers during house shifting?

You will find incessant numbers of packers and movers companies on the internet and all of them beat their own drums. It is very confusing to pick out the best-suited moving company according to your budget and preferences. Yet, we have made this process simple for you. Here are a few ultimate guidelines to hire quality packers and movers during house shifting:

Conducting the pre-move survey:

A moving company that is genuine, reputed, and experienced in the packers and movers trade for a long time, will consider conducting a pre-move survey. It is one of the prime factors that make a moving company worth hiring in the first place. The moving company sends a representative from their end to survey your belongings that you want o move to your new house. Sometimes, they conduct a virtual survey through video calls. This helps them in estimating the moving costs and sending you the quotations accordingly. If a moving company refuses to conduct a pre-move survey, don’t go ahead with them.

Creating a checklist:

An authentic moving company makes a checklist before the moving day and finds out the size and weight of your goods that need to be moved. The moving company representative makes a thorough inspection and creates a detailed checklist of your belongings. This process needs to be accurate as the company provides in-bound cost estimation according to this checklist.

Doesn’t ask for a bulk pay in advance:

A reliable and reputed moving company will never ask for a lump-sum payment in advance. If your packers and movers are asking you for paying a huge share of the moving cost in advance, consider the company to be fraudulent. Moreover, don’t pay any advance money in cash; prefer online transactions.

Uses the registered company name:

Any company holding a good repute will want its name to be proclaimed aloud and promoted as much as possible. Whenever, you call their helpline number, make sure that they use the full name of the company to address themselves. If you find that the moving company of your choice is hesitant about using their company name or is using some other name to answer the phone-call, they are not trustworthy.

Referred from reliable sources:

Ask your family and friends for reliable recommendations while choosing quality packers and movers during house shifting. If they are not sure, ask the experts. Consult Moving Solutions for trustworthy recommendations. Moving Solutions is an online portal that has all the first-rated packers and movers throughout the country enlisted on the site. The expert team from Moving Solutions recommends the best-suited packers and movers in your area, within your budget and according to your preferences. You can also check the site for the online reviews of the customers who have had previous experience of shifting through the moving companies referred by Moving Solutions.

Enquire about the extra charges:

If your house shifting produces a hindrance in the standard course of moving, you are likely to be charged extra. In case you are shifting to or from a house with a staircase and there is no elevator to carry the goods, you will be charged extra. If you are shifting to or from a house that is situated in a narrow lane where the moving vehicle cannot pass through; the moving team has to carry your goods through the lane manually, they will charge you extra. Enquire about these charges at the beginning of the moving process.

Don’t sign a blank contract:

Needless to say, it is not safe to sign any blank document to avoid being looted and bankrupted. The same goes for a moving contract; don’t sign a blank contract. If a moving company is asking you to do it, they are nothing but professional conmen.

Decide on the right kind of quotations:

· Non-binding estimate:

In this case, your moving company cannot charge you more than 10% above the initial quotation. Any remainder must be cleared within 30 days of delivery of goods.

· Non-binding to-exceed estimate:

In this case, your moving company cannot charge you anything extra beyond the estimated quotation sent to you. It is the maximum estimated value that you might have to pay including all the services.

· Binding estimate:

In this case, your moving company sends you the exact quotation of the moving costs. You don’t have to pay anything extra above the mentioned amount but if you take any add-on services such as unpacking and arranging of the goods, the extra charges must be paid within 30 days of delivery.

Check your goods:

As soon as your goods get delivered to your new house, make sure you unpack and check them as soon as possible. You have only 30 days to claim for the loss or damage of your belongings on the move.

Insurance of your goods:

In-transit insurance ensures the protection of your belongings on the move. Yet, there are two ways a moving company compensates your losses if any. They either repair the damaged item or pay you the cost of repairs. Otherwise, they replace the lost or damaged item with a similar item or they pay you the cost of replacing the item.

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Your Call After All

House shifting is an intricate and cumbersome procedure. You cannot do it entirely on your own; not without losing your sanity. You need professional help to accomplish a moving process with efficacy. Seek an authentic, efficient, reputed, and experienced moving company. But it is easier said than done, as it is very normal to get confused while choosing the right moving company for your house shifting. The above-mentioned ultimate guidelines will help you in hiring quality packers and movers during house shifting.

Moving Solutions can help you in finding the most competent packers and movers in your location and within your budget. Choose us to help you choose the best.

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