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American business owners living in Israel, Israeli business owners living in America and business owners in other areas who have business interests in either Israel, the United States or both are invited to speak to the David Page Law office. The David Page Law US and Israel business lawyer in Jerusalem provides a full range of legal services regarding international law including registrations for intellectual property law, legal filings for patents, trademarks and estate plans, contracts for partnerships, mergers and suppliers, tax filings and much more.

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If you are just starting your business or you’ve already done the basic legal work in one country and are hesitant about investing in completing the legal filings in the second country, you may feel that it’s more cost-effective to wait to consult a lawyer who specializes in US-Israel business law. Perhaps you are considering taking things slow while you build up or believe that you can do many of the basic legal work yourself.

Legal analysts caution against such a plan. Taking care of your own legal needs at the outset can result in substantially increased costs down the road as mistakes need to be undone, absent paperwork needs to be accounted for and a lawyer needs to be found who will pick up the pieces so that you can start again. Grabbing some paperwork off the Internet may seem cost-effective at the beginning but in the end, it’s penny-wise and pound-foolish. In case of a legal challenge, you have no one standing behind you to represent you to either government or to a court of law in either country.

In addition, standard forms and documents don’t take into account the differences in legal systems or laws of the two countries. There are no provisions in such standard documents for the US-Israel tax treaty that grants tax relief to individuals and businesses that are obligated to file taxes for both countries nor are there any stipulations for the ways that the court systems in each country view various licenses and registrations, filings for intellectual property or questions regarding partnerships, mergers and contracts.

If you want to conduct your business in a way that will allow it to grow and flourish in a way that you anticipate, start off on the right food with a seasoned US-Israel business lawyer in Jerusalem.

David Page Law

The David Page law office in Jerusalem has years of experience in facilitating all business needs for businesses that operate in either Israel or the United States or in both countries.

When you turn to David Page law you can expect help in:

  • Registering intellectual property including patents, trademarks and copyrights
  • Creating trusts, estate plans and wills that ensure that your wishes will be carried out by the courts of both countries after your passing without an undue tax burden in either country
  • Drafting contracts with employees, suppliers and other business partners
  • Registering your business with the relevant authorities in both countries in a way that minimizes your tax obligations in both the United States and in Israel
  • More

If you have a US, Israel or US/Israel business, contact David Page Law to set up a consultation about your business needs.

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