What Are the Key Ingredients of Ubtan Face Wash?

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This facial cleanser is made with essential ingredients that are beneficial for the skin. In addition to its anti-bacterial and anti-septic properties, the benefits of Ubtan face wash include skin lightening and ingrown hair removal. Know more about the Ubtan face wash for tan removal process. Here are a few of its most important ingredients. They are: Besan, gram flour, and tamarind.

Ingredients in Ubtan face wash

One of the best ingredients in an Ubtan face wash is turmeric, a natural ingredient that is great for sensitive Indian skin. Turmeric is potent when used in its raw form, so it is normally combined with other ingredients to make this face wash. This natural face wash is suitable for people of all skin types and is free from side effects. The product is available in a white long tube that is spill proof and travel-friendly.

Another beneficial ingredient is rose water, a skin-cooling mineral that helps tone the complexion. It also helps to remove dead skin cells and promote healthy skin. It also helps to clear away pollution and dirt from the skin. The face wash also contains chickpea flour, which is excellent for getting rid of fine hair and dirt on the face. It also helps to restore the skin’s natural suppleness and radiance.

Other ingredients in Ubtan face wash include Turmeric, Saffron, and Carrot Seed Oil. Turmeric is an anti-oxidant that helps combat free radical damage and reduce dark patches. It also improves skin texture and moisture balance, making it an excellent choice for any type of skin. The Ubtan face wash from wow skin science contains all these traditional ingredients for a healthy and beautiful complexion.

Anti-bacterial and anti-septic properties

If you are looking for a natural face wash that contains the right ingredients, consider using the age-old ayurvedic remedy, Ubtan. This ancient paste is a popular choice among Indians, thanks to its antibacterial and antiseptic properties. It also helps reduce acne and pigmentation, while hydrating the skin and delaying the appearance of age spots.

The name Ubtan originates from the Vedic times, when the skin care ritual involved applying a mixture of herbs, spices, nuts, and pulses. It was made as an antiseptic and beauty treatment. Different regions of India have different recipes for Ubtan. These are the ingredients that make the blend so effective and natural. Aside from that, Ubtan is also suitable for all skin types.

The key ingredients in Ubtan face serum and face wash are turmeric, gram flour, and wheat bran. Turmeric is a natural anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial agent, promoting skin radiance. Licorice has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Rose water provides aroma and helps with the healing process of inflammatory skin. It also promotes collagen production. Other ingredients in Ubtan include gram flour, milk, and yogurt, all of which aid in the healing of acne, reduce blemishes, and stimulate collagen production. For dry skin, milk cream or curd can be added to the mix. The mixture is applied on the face with a mask brush. Leave it on for 15 to 20 minutes before rinsing off with clean water.

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