What are the main types of therapy commonly revise in rehabilitation centers?

Rehabilitation Centre in Mumbai

Rehabilitation assists in the restoration of an individual’s health, functioning, and well-being, rather than repairing or removing the harm produced by illness or trauma. If you’ve been seriously injured, undergone surgery, or had a stroke, your doctor may recommend rehabilitation to help you recover. Rehabilitation therapy provides a safe, medical atmosphere in which you can rebuild strength, relearn lost abilities, or discover new methods to conduct things that are now difficult.

If you’ve been wounded and want to achieve a full recovery, following a thorough Drug Rehabilitation Centre in Mumbai structure and timetable is crucial. Your injury and healing process may take much longer if you do not receive proper therapy that follows an established set of processes and exercises.

Occupational therapy

Occupational therapists (OTs) provide treatments to patients who need special assistance to do every day jobs, or “occupations.” Occupations can refer to self-care practices, daily tasks, and recreational pastimes in addition to work or your employment. Occupational therapy’s purpose is to assist people in doing the things they want and need to accomplish in order to live an independent and meaningful life.

Occupational therapists assist people by modifying factors that make it difficult for them to do tasks including eating, dressing, brushing their teeth, completing school duties, and working. Modifications might include changing the activity’s approach, changing the environment in which the work is completed, or supporting a person in gaining the skills needed to execute certain tasks.

Who needs occupational therapy?

  • A therapist may be needed to assist children with physical limitations gain the coordination needed to feed them, use a computer, or improve their handwriting.
  • A person who has lost the ability to hold a fork as a result of an accident can work with a therapist to rebuild grip strength and adapt actions so that they can feed themselves.
  • Seniors with physical limitations may require the assistance of a therapist in order to participate in their favorite activities in new and adapted ways.
  • Those who have had a spinal cord injury may require therapist assistance to help them avoid actions or habits that are harmful to their health.
  • A therapist may be required to assist a person who has suffered a traumatic brain injury and has lost cognitive function with things such as looking for employment or completing college applications.

Physical therapy

Physical therapy is commonly used in Drug Rehabilitation Centre in Mumbai to relieve pain, improve movement, provide rehabilitation after a stroke, injury, or surgery, assist in the recovery of sports-related injuries, teach people how to use devices like walkers and canes, and manage chronic illnesses like heart disease and arthritis, among other things click here to address Get Directions

Who needs physical therapy?

  • Pain-relieving, mobility-improving, and strength-regaining workouts and stretches
  • To relieve muscular discomfort and spasms, try massage, heat or cold treatment, or ultrasound.
  • Rehab and exercises to assist you in learning to utilize a prosthetic limb
  • Using mobility or balancing aids such as canes, crutches, walkers, or wheelchairs to practice.
  • Retraining of balance and gait
  • Management of pain
  • Strengthening of the cardiovascular system
  • Casting, splinting, burn treatment or orthotic usage (braces or splints).

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