New mums: Here are the 4 essentials you need for your newborn 

For most people, becoming a mother is one of those rare and blessed events that will change their lives forever-but just because it’s bound to be one of those special times in their lives doesn’t mean it’s always going to be easy. Most of you have no experience with motherhood, but chances are you have friends and family who are beginning this new journey. To understand what they’re going through, it’s important to know their situation. Another may be getting close to their due date and looking for information about starting a family. You spend hours online trying to dig up as much information as you can and when you start shopping for your newborn, the most difficult part comes, so here are the top 4 things your baby will need in those first few months

Shopping (or receiving) adorable, mini-size baby clothes is a lot of fun. Baby clothes grow out quickly. Newborns can grow out of smaller-sized clothes in as little as a few days. Therefore, you might want to buy bigger sizes as well.

It is essential to include newborn baby clothing on your checklist even if it is simply cute. Layers are a good idea (except if you live in a climate that is especially warm). When dressing your newborn, generally you should put on one more layer than you are wearing yourself.

Swaddle Wrap

Swaddle wrap made of 100% cotton is made with specially sourced fabric that is both breathable and prevents suffocation. Using this method, the baby is wrapped in a blanket for warmth and security similar to the ancient practice of swaddling. There are several weaves to choose from to accommodate the baby’s needs. Swaddling is like wrapping your baby in the womb; it keeps her safe, and prevents her from being disturbed by her own natural reflexes. We call it our “jack of all trades” because it is both a sunshade and nursing cover! This wrap comes with a hood specially designed for babies.

Drool Bib

Baby’s mouth muscles do not develop properly until they are 24 years old. The result is a lot of saliva escaping their mouths. To catch this saliva, drool bibs are specially designed. Consequently, it has become a must-have for your drooly child, since they are practical, yet adorable at the same time.

Baby Cloth Wipes

It is very important to keep your baby clean inside and out with the help of cloth pieces. Baby wipes can be used for both the face and the bums of your baby. Make sure you buy a cloth wipe that does not contain any type of preservative. If it does, your baby could get sick.


Cotton jhablas for babies is a soft infant garment that provides kids with breathability and lightness, allowing them to travel around freely without overheating. Whenever possible, thin soft cotton cloth should be used. Cotton cloth is well suited to Indian weather conditions because it is very breathable. As the first layer of clothing for your baby, these jhablas for new borns are the perfect choice in the winter. It is mandatory to get one while shopping for newborn baby clothes online so as to avoid direct contact between woollen clothing and your infant’s delicate skin.

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