What are the Pros and Cons of Fresh versus Powdered Ginger?

Powdered Ginger

We are under the impression of fresh items being the best for consumption but then why is dry sand ginger powder sold separately? I am sure you must be pondering over the same point and that is why I am here with this amazing article. We draw the difference between these two to discover how different or alike they are to each other.

Scientifically termed as Zingiber Officinale, Ginger is one of the most common ingredients found in every Indian household. You might not know it, but it is a flowering plant and the part that we buy from the market is the root of the ginger plant. It is a widely used spice and an ancient medicine that we all use today too.

What is Fresh Ginger?

When we say fresh ginger, we mean the recently harvested root of the said plant that is sold in the vegetable market. These roots are brought unprocessed to the market right from the soil and have the natural water content.

What is Powdered Ginger?

However, powdered ginger is a spice available in the supermarket or spice market that is prepared after drying the ginger roots in the sun and powdered finely. This fine powder is sieved through a tiny sieve and then bottled to deliver to our homes.

Difference between Fresh and Ground Ginger

Although fresh and powdered ginger come from the same source, it is still a good thing to talk about the differences both of these items hold. Let us look at the major differences you will find when working with the said two ingredients:

1. Appearance

The major difference between fresh and powdered ginger is its form. As explained above, powdered ginger comes in fine powder stored in a spice container whereas fresh ginger is the original root of the plant with a beautiful tan peel and creamy yellow flesh.

2. Flavour

Fresh ginger is supposed to have strong flavours and taste as it has every last bit of the natural essence in it. However, you would require to use less of the powdered ginger to achieve a similar taste. Also, the powdered ginger will lose its flavour easily if not kept in an airtight container.

3. Shelf Life

When it comes to shelf life, we all know that dried and powdered items win the game. So, powdered ginger stays longer in your kitchen than fresh ginger roots. However, you should also note that if not stored correctly, powdered ginger may lose its flavour and nutrients becoming less effective.

4. Uses

Fresh ginger is used in the preparation of savoury dishes whereas the powdered ginger is used in baking and preparing beverages like tea. Also, it is far easier to use the powdered ginger than it is to use the fresh ginger. Although a simple process, fresh ginger is required to be peeled, cleaned and chopped in the right size before using.

Pros and Cons of Fresh versus Powdered Ginger

If you are pondering over which one to use, let me elaborate the above mentioned differences one by one.

Appearance and flavour hardly makes a difference so we will skip the next two points.

If you can not put your hands on fresh ginger easily, then it is a great idea to get dry ginger powder so that you do not have to explore through your local vegetable market for the root.

Also, if you use ginger on an everyday basis, then it is okay to get the roots but if you use it occasionally then I suggest you go with the powder because it will stay for long.

Lastly, it depends upon the food item you are preparing because some dishes call for fresh ginger roots whereas some require dry ginger powder. Although there are certain dishes in which you can switch between the two, most of them are strict about the ingredients.


In this article, we read about the fresh and powdered ginger thoroughly. We understood the difference between the two items which does not seem to be very different from one another. I hope you enjoyed reading and learning a new thing and you would incorporate this beneficial item in your everyday diet. However, if you are living in an Indian household then you might already be consuming it on an everyday basis.

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