Top items list in Baby Safe House site for the baby safety at home

Top items list in Baby Safe House site for the baby safety at home

Children enjoy playing in the water, and you may wish that you did not have to stand there and catch up on some work while the baby has some time in the water bath with the bath toys that you have purchased for him. A bathroom, on the other hand, can be a dangerous area for your child, and you should never leave him unattended while he is in there. As your child grows older, you will be able to accomplish this. Once your child is four years old or older, you may contemplate leaving him for a period of time.

Baby proofing edge and corner guards        

The first item on the list is BabySafehouse Edge & Corner Protector-2m corner proofing guard, which gives optimum protection against sharp corners and edges. The corner guards are equipped with double-sided 2m tapes that provide the most secure hold against small hands attempting to remove them.

Sharp edges might pierce your baby’s skin, resulting in bleeding. Internal injuries are also possible as a result of the strong impact. In the event of an effect, the product’s design enhances the contact surface, while the foamy nature of the material absorbs the impact, keeping your infant safe.

Use indoor safety gates

To begin, you need set up inside safety gates to act as obstacles. Barriers make it difficult for little children to get access to potentially dangerous areas such as stairwells, fireplaces, and bathrooms. When closing off stairs, make sure to include a gate at both the top and bottom. As your baby begins to crawl, consider moving the lower gate a few steps up the stairwell so that your youngster can practice stair climbing skills. But keep an eye on your child to make sure he or she doesn’t fall.

Baby safety dangers at bathroom

There are several things to which you must pay attention. Slipping is a typical hazard that many of us have encountered at some point in our lives. It’s only natural that a moment of carelessness can result in a fall. The toilet is another potential source of risk in the bathroom. Despite the fact that the water appears to be insufficient, newborns have been known to topple over with their top-heavy bodies and drown. Sharp edges or shattered pieces of granite or flooring can also be dangerous. Shampoos, soaps, and scouring agents, which are frequently kept in the cabinet beneath the sink, are also easily accessible to toddlers.

Finger pinch guard

When opening or closing a door, these BabySafehouse Finger pinch door guard prevent your baby’s fingertips from being pinched. They have a bright cartoon style that is appealing to babies. They’re simple to set up and safeguard your child from injuries caused by door knocks caused by wind or air.

The safe guards are constructed of foam and fit all door sizes. Make sure to use two per door for better support. Using two also helps to prevent the parts from breaking due to hard pounding. For added safety, place the door guards above your baby’s head and out of reach.

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